Our Story

We are a group of Engineers, Financial Analysts, and Data Scientists from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. As we already enjoy the convenience of Comparison Shopping Engines for all aspects of our lives today, we set out to create the most transparent and objective Pricing Engine for the largest expense of all - Mortgages. Mortgage payments are equivalent to approximately 18 to 30 percent of average US household income.

" Visiting just three lenders could save you thousands of dollars. "
- US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

PureLoan analyzes your personal qualifications, searches its large pool of underlying mortgage programs and helps you select the best mortgage from over 40 national banks... and increasing!
Our Goal is to empower you to save every dollar on your mortgages, so you can put the savings towards the home improvement expenses that oftentimes come with a purchase or a rainy day savings fund.

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Most Comprehensive

Based on your qualifications, we analyze all the offerings from each lender and present the full results. No need to fill out dozens of applications.

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Highest Accuracy

Designed specifically for mortgage applicants. PureLoan performs accurate and competitive searches across more than 40 lenders.

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Lowest Prices

Never pay more than the lowest rate for a mortgage. With PureLoan, banks know that they are competing for your business.

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No Spam

Unlike loan brokers or other competitors, we will never sell your information to telemarketers. We will also never send you unsolicited emails.